Happy Bees To You

The first part of the show was sent out to all the happy little honeybees who tune in. What a buzz:

Anna- Howe Gelb
The Open Road- Howe Gelb
All You Need To Know- Howe Gelb

Terracentric- Rodrigo y Gabriela
Wisdom Tree- Rodrigo y Gabriela

I Was Born To Wail- Jon Gindick Ft. Franck Goldwasser
Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean-The Reverend Shawn Amos Ft. Piper Amos (live)
Theme from DADDY LONG LEGS- Daddy Long Legs
Mornin’ Noon & Nite- Daddy Long Legs
Snagglepuss- Daddy Long Legs
Dirty Pool- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers
Memphis Soul Stew- Michele D’amour and the Love Dealers

Eye Bath- Death and Vanilla

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