get yer ears in G-ear.

The first portion of today’s program started off with the soft comfortable woobie-like sounds of George and Elvis and worked on up to the force of the funk…in the middle, that Yellow Dogs track Bruce really ripped it up while Skeebo’s “Shut Ahhh Louiss” could be the newest old dance craze:

Run of the Mill (Demo)- George Harrison
Black and White World- Elvis Costello
Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang- the Starlite Orchestra & Singers
Ouachita Run- Alvin Youngblood Hart
Go- Boris Garcia
Manos Arriba- Alvin Youngblood Hart
Chance- Geoff Achison & the Souldiggers
No Blow, No Show- Boston Blues Works Ft. Ryan Hartt
You Don’t Know- Pristine

Shut Ahhh Louiss- Skeebo Knight
Is it Too Deep for You?- Porcelain Raft
Just like Heaven (is Gone)- 1 2 3
Bruce- Yellow Dogs

Karate- Galactic Ft. Kipp Renaissance High School Marching Band
Do You Want it?- Papa Grows Funk
Coolashell- Mucca Pazza
Maui Waui 5 0- Mucca Pazza
Ungroovie- Kottarashky & the Rain Dogs
Bernie’s Interlude- Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra
Skin I’m in- Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra
Dogtown- Jessica Lauren Four

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