Get Up Or Cry by Almog Sharvit

Innovative composer & bassist Almog Sharvit announces the release of his debut album as a leader, Get Up Or Cry, on May 28, 2021, via Unit Records. Together with his band members Adam O’Farrill (trumpet), Brandon Seabrook (guitar & banjo), Micha Gilad (piano, keys, synths) & Lukas König (drums), Almog creates an amusement park of a record. After years of exploring & absorbing art in a wide variety of media, Almog possesses his own personal and compelling style, both in performance and composition. Get Up Or Cry was recorded in a single day at Wonderpark Studios in Brooklyn. In post-production, Almog applied experimental techniques usually found in pop & electronic music to the songs – the record features filter sweeps, heavy distortion and compression, and creative automation and panning that he gladly says “will knock the dust off your stereo.”. My suggestion is you turn it up real loud and listen to each part a few times over….like exiting the ride at that amusement park and quickly running back in line to get after it aGain.

I had the chance to catch up with Almog about the new album ahead of its end of May release. We get into the importance of getting those right musicians backing this project – those who find the sense of humor within some of this music – they felt the smile this album creates. We get into the cross-genre stylings and some of those after recording extra manipulations to enhance the visions. Snuck in is not only a couple of bands we learn are loved by Almog, but also which songs of the new record he’d choose to build a setlist with and what other artists would be included…always a very interesting path to get people talking about, and this time is no different. I look forward to more music to come in the future, but will certainly continue to get back in line for some more Get Up Or Cry.

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