Gankino Circus & Friends beim Nürnberger Bardentreffen

Is it world music, folk music or comedy? A little bit of this, a little bit of that – really special. Creative minds are at work in Gankino Circus, musicians who certainly know what they are doing. The four of them act as if they had never done anything else: perfectly set into scene & highly sophisticated while maintaining a close connection to their audience, all of which makes them one of Germany’s finest world music exports. Gankino Circus have traveled from Finland to Kazakhstan – constantly voyaging, always in search of musical inspiration for their signature style. German Folk, Balkan Beats, Nordic Sounds and lots of humour are mingled in a fantastic concert event. Winners of the German world music Award RUTH, Gankino Circus have played more than 1000 shows in theatres, clubs and at festivals across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Armenia. The group has performed at famous world music festivals like Rudolstadt Festival, Bardentreffen Nuremberg, Masala World Beat Festival Hanover, Global Music Festival Halle and Accordion Festival Vienna.

Gankino Circus & Friends beim Nürnberger Bardentreffen

Gankino Circus & Friends – Crazy World Music Show
This show promised to be something unique and outrageous and it was: Guests of the Gankinos are besides David Saam, the Pope of Franciscan folk music and fun-heavy-metal legend Vito C of J.B.O., also the most dazzling couple of Finnish tango: Laura Ryhänen and Mikko Kuisma of Uusikuu.
Recording of the concert on Sebalder Platz from 23. July

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