Frozen Drips

The second portion of this week’s open schedule proGram deflected those dropping drips:

Bo Diddley Is Crazy- Bo Diddley
Say Man- Bo Diddley
Palace Of The King- Freddie King
Ain’t Nothing Shakin’- Lisa Bourne
When I Left The Room- Dan Auerbach
Xixizinho No Oceano- Mosquitos
The Great Intoxication- David Byrne
Broken Things- David Byrne
Can’t Stand Losing You- The Police (live)
Pretty Pink Rose- Adrian Belew Ft. David Bowie
Satisfaction- Devo (live 1977)
Space Junk- Devo (live 1976)
Cape- Jon Spencer
The Joint- The RH Factor
Forget Regret- The RH Factor Ft. Stephanie McKay
Chill-Out! (12″ Version)- Free Expression
Voodoo Soul Stew- The Daktaris
Upside Down- The Daktaris

The Getaway- Tuatara
Angel And The Ass- Tuatara
Smugglerõs Cove- Tuatara
Later- Dr. Didg

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