from Shore to Shore

The first half of the proGram flew with the eaGle soar, swam with the finned and was off from one side to the other…

One More Day- Sol Driven Train
Pendulum- Making Moves
What Good is Moonlight- the Virgins

I, Animal- My Gold Mark
The Laughing Man- Una

Paloma- El Sortivo & the Bloodz
Can’t Come Down- Keller Williams

Green Dress Maryland Welcome Center 95 NB- Curtis Hasselbring
Sky Bleached- Dylan Ryan w/Sand
Complex #7- Guapo
Panska Freak Show- Fru Fru

Keeping the Light up- Rob Mazurek Octet
M.C.- the Kadinsky Effect
You have an Active Mind & a Keen Imagination- Mike Davis

Tippin’ In- Hadden Sayers
On the Road- Grady Champion
Rock Steady- Wet Willie (live 8/13/2011 Woodstock GA

From a Buick 6- Treat Her Right
Peace & Love- Neil Young
Minimum Wage- BK Anderson
Don’t you just Know it- Huey PIANO Smith & the Clowns
Shadoorack- Stereo Express
I Can Smell that Funky Music- Eric Mercury

Fools Gold- Angeline Morrison
I Must be in a Good Place now- Shannon McNally
Break Free (Shake a Tail Feather)- Nicole Willis & the Soul Invesigators


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