From a Martian Sun

The second half of the other days proGram took the shuttle to space, holding on to the handrails and grabbing all my belonGings, I tried to take you with me. The ride was spacious and the views were outta siGht…..Here’s what the sounds were:

Zeplike- Slightly Stoopid (live TRI Studio 9/13/2011)
Anywhere I go- Slightly Stoopid Ft. Oguen Ocon (live TRI Studio 9/13/2011)

The Hour- Valerie June
Drop on Me- the James Hunter Six
Fireball of Love- Shuggie Otis
You’re the One- Sly & the Family Stone (live Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert)
previously unissued
Hot Lava- Perry Farrell & D.V.D.A
Benedict’s Boogaloo- Frootful
Sexx Laws- Dr. Lonnie Smith & David FATHEAD Newman
Crawlin’- Akashic Record
Vog- David Fiuczynski & John Medeski
Deuce in the Hole- Orgone
Human Being (Bedrock Steady)- Stereo MC’s
Some Free Places- the Tritonics
Revolution- Little Harry
Something About it- the Green

Istanbul Twilight- the Brooklyn Funk Essentials
Una Linea de Luz- Kinky
Una Mazcla CosteƱa- Atroplis Ft. Darwin Escorcia
The Brazilian Hipster- Fort Knox Five
A Blues Thang- Basement Freaks

Girl from Ipanema- Ezel Ft. Tamara Wellons
Blinded- EO

The Agony- Deltron 3030
Nouveau Quatro- Quentin Quatro


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