Flowing On

The final part of the proGram this week played Pooh sticks with its flow:

A Love Jam- Melvin Sparks
I Like’s That- Skeebo Knight
Blue mist- Skeebo Knight
5 Finger Discount- Liquid Soul
Tou Tou Rendezvous- Mo’ Gigs Ft. SzĂ©csi Saci
Jeanskutter- Hamburg Spinners
Grottenrallye- Hamburg Spinners
Captain Flamingo- Hamburg Spinners

Be Thankful For What You Got (Long Version)- Lipbone Redding & The Lipbone Orchestra
You Said a Bad Word- Joe Tex
Hellhound- Sol
Faith Dub- Soul Sugar Ft. Booker Gee & Lone Ark
Dub Rebellion- Loud Apartment Ft. Garrison Hawk
Jingo Thief Thief (Sam Redmore Remix)- Fela Kuti Vs Candido

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