The first half of the 6th edition of “The Yellow Light” looked under some rocks and inside some twiGs for you:

Head- Victor DeLorenzo
World- Victor DeLorenzo
Lovely- Victor DeLorenzo
The Least Impossible- Gord Downie
Sacrifice- Plants and Animals

Breakdown- The Spits
Up All Night- The Spits

(Got My) Eyes On You- The Spies
Theme From The Munsters- Loungezotica 3000
Wicked Warped & Twisted- Kitt Wakeley
The Witch- Claudio Cassanueva

Paraguaya Punk- Juana Molina (live)
Un Día Punk- Juana Molina (live)

Budonian Knight- The Budos Band
On Top (Organ & Vibes)- The Stance Brothers
Drop Me A Line- Ghost Funk Orchestra
Sweet Path- Janko Nilovic & The Soul Surfers

Black Moses- Cliff Beach

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