Evergreen Bling

The middle portion of the proGram had a little too much glitter for the middle of the Winter not to show off SUMMA dat ice ice baby:

Money’s No Option- Circles Around The Sun
What A Drag- Nathaniel Rateliff
Saint Ursula- Sunny Ozell
Stand Up! Whitney Shay
Sock it To Me- Cliff Beach Ft. Honey Larochelle

Automatic- Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal
***pre-recorded conversation with Josh Hoyer***
Ginger Beat- Lucas de Mulder & The New Mastersounds

Marriage for All or None at All- Karate Boogaloo
Fight Together- Alex Puddu
Hey!- Dr. Rubberfunk
Laid Bare- Dr. Rubberfunk Ft. Stephanie Whitelock

Dragonball Durag- Thundercat
Anakanafauna- Select Level

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