Enhanced With Extra

The middle portion of the proGram had it’s funk and feeling out there…so much so that it brought out some sharpen tints to it all:

Define Love- Dope Sagittarius
2 Funky 4 U- Cobra Fantastic
Kinshasa Fc- STR4TA
Rhythm In Your Mind- STR4TA

The Black Stone Affair (reprise)- Whatitdo Archive Group
(Don’t) Hold Me Down- PM Warson

Palilalia- Robert Walter w/ Gary Bartz
Impervious- Robert Walter w/Gary Bartz
Are You With Me- Alan Evans
Do It Again- Alan Evans
Do It Again (outro)- Alan Evans

The March On America- Adrian Younge
James Mincey Jr.- Adrian Younge
Dying ON The Run- Adrian Younge

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