Do You See The Critter

The middle portion of the proGram spotted a soon to be monarch butterfly preparing for the turn:

In Between The Cracks- Ben Tyree
‘Til The Freedom Comes Home- Shabaka and the Ancestors

New Groove Blues- Steve Yeager
All Alone Blues- Joseph Bowie & Adam Rudolph
Biz- Scott Sawyer
I Believe I’ll Make a Change- Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band
Etymologies- Hamid Drake Ralph M. Jones Adam Rudolph
Birks Works- Steve Yeager
Fugette- Steve Yeager
In This Mouth- Anoushka Shankar Ft. Alev Lenz
Those Words- Anoushka Shankar Ft. Shilpa Rao & Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Kyyrän Matti- Juuri & Juuri
Pillantok Halálomra- Meszecsinka
Wirt- Gankino Circus

Devotion- Michael Whalen

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