Destination Held

The final part of this week’s proGram ended up right where it fit in.

Rachid Trip- Acid Arab Ft. Rachid Taha
Acid Chawi- Acid Arab Ft. Khnafer Lazhar
Aruenda- Zuco 103
Shaman In Your Arms- Wax Tailor Ft. Jennifer Charles

Desert- Supreme Beings of Leisure
I Smile for E- Rahill
Temperature’s Rising- Benny Reid & Havoc
Survival of the Fittest- Benny Reid & Havoc

Improvisation 1 (04/27/1937 – Paris)- Stephane Wrembel
***pre-recorded conversation with Stephane Wrembel***
Improvisation 2: variation n°2 (09/10/1938 – Paris)- Stephane Wrembel

Home- Alec Schulman Ft. Gilad Hekselman, Greg Leisz & Larry Klein
Individually One- Lisa Marie Simmons Ft. Laura Masotto, Manuel Caliumi, Federico Negri & Marco Cocconi
Another String Pulled from the Theory- Lisa Marie Simmons Ft. Laura Masotto/Manuel Caliumi/Federico Negri/Marco Cocconi
Keep Movin’- Charlie Peacock Ft. Eddie Henderson

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