Deer Yes

First pieces of this week’s proGram was just doing it’s own thang in it’s own spot.

Po’ Black Sheep- Nora Brown
Shortnin’ Bread- Nora Brown

Let It Go- Gabe Stillman
***pre-recorded conversation with Gabe Stillman***
No Time for Me- Gabe Stillman

We Could Be Gold Diggers- Ina Forsman
Play On- Roy Shakked
Pyroclastic- Chicken Grass
CC Stomp- True Loves
Broken Flowers- The Shaolin Afronauts

Scream- Brooklyn Funk Essentials & Alison Limerick
Trouble- Say She She

Doggone Blues Again- Joe Marcinek Band
Isn’t She Lovely- Ronnie Foster
Get It in the Sun- Sai Galaxy Ft. Olugbade Okunade

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