Deep In The Sound

The first portion of the proGram went in, and found it’s way inner:

Saint Phillip Avenue- Jeff Burnham and the Insiders
The One- Jeff Burnham and the Insiders
Color Me In- Reed Foehl
Hard Lines- Elliott Peck

David Buxkemper- Dale Watson
Capture- Amigo the Devil
If I’m Crazy- Amigo the Devil
Neon Tree- Old Mexico
Bird Song- pat mAcdonald
Angel Of Mercy-pat mAcdonald

The Prettiest Train- Victor Krummenacher
Inside- Seth Walker
Paranoid- Weezer

Hey! Yeah!- Deer Tick
Younger- Mountain Goats
Blankets- Craig Finn
Fake It- Holiday Gunfire

Do You Remember Me- Santana
The Original Doo-Wop Spacemen- Trudy And The Romance
Talking To Myself- Luther Russell

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