Dale Watson the Trucker Session II

Maybe it was because on of my favorite people in the world when I was younger, grandpa was a truck driver, maybe not….I have always dug certain country sounds and let me tell you Dale Watson has exactly what I search for. On Hyena Records, the Truckin’ Sessions Vol. 2 is a tribute to the truck driving men (even a truck drivin’ queen) and pays great homage to those who commandeer the mighty 18-wheeler rig as a way of live. His soulful baritone voice tells you to listen and it means it…..his songwriting is so sharp I listen and feel like I am aboard the rig myself. Some of the tales carry on with wit and others take loneliness & sadness and gives them a face atop the body of these mystical characters on America’s highways. I often wonder about the tales of the road that grandpa NEVER told me about….


Dale Watson will be in my area here in WI, but keep a look out for when/if he is playing out near you
06-12 | Chicago, IL | Martyr’s
06-13 | Middleton, WI | Club Tavern (2PM set)
06-13 | Janesville, WI | Bass Creek Golf Course @ The Big Red Open (8PM set)
08-09 | Green Bay, WI | Oneida Casino
08-10 | Green Bay, WI | Oneida Casino
08-11 | Green Bay, WI | Oneida Casino
08-12 | Green Bay, WI | Oneida Casino
08-13 | Green Bay, WI | Oneida Casino
08-14 | Green Bay, WI | Oneida Casino
08-15 | Green Bay, WI | Oneida Casino

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