Could Not Keep Me Out

The first portion of the proGram is a two hour fill in for the Morning Show…..I felt the need to air these tracks and was pleased to find the exact moment where the hole in the fill in fence was wide open. Here’s what went down before the hole was patched:

Bizarre Disambiguation- Bruce Mack
the Dry Spell- Will Martina
Re Elect That- the Bad Plus
Calling all Spirits, Calling all Poets- Avran Fefer Trio
Easy to Remember- Pharaoh Sanders (live)
Spartacus Free the Slaves- Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber Ft. Kirk Douglas
Concierto de Aranjuez- Nicholas Payton
Step Right up- D.Bendigkeit/G.Levin/A.Tana/C.Amberger
Quem Quizer- the Paul Winter Consort
Mister Sandman- Lou Pallo Ft. Arlen Roth
Where’s Sly?- Medeski Martin & Wood (live)
Bis Indicatif- Jef Gilson
Three Four One- Jef Gilson
Java- Jef Gilson

Sip n’ Fly- the African Jazz Pioneers
Yiyole- the Havana Swingsters
Ndenzeni Na?- the Father Huddleston Band
Toki No Koe- Kodo
Sora- Kodo
Mocotó Beat-Trio Mocotó
All Right- Tucuprá
La Aguajerita- Juaneco Y Su Combo
Lamento en la Selva- Juaneco Y Su Combo

Moonrise Divination- Sheela Bringi
Raga Khammaj- Sheela Bringi
River Pulse- Anoushka Shankar
Ya Yumma- Omar Souleyman

Zunta Zunta- Kuenta I. Tambu Ft. Elia Isenia
Tereré – Habib Koité
Faya- Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate

Caminando- Aprodesia


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