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It was a day where Victor DeLorenzo and I got toGether once aGain for another edition of Frail Pagans. We spoke about the Violent Femmes getting back together at playing Cochella (Vic is gonna ring in and give me an exclusive from the shows)……How getting back to the songs that means so much to so many has been a great feeling, but also that sense of who knows still lurks around. We spoke on our favorites from Ginger Baker and Dan Hicks…..Vic also mentioned the upcoming release of his new album simple entitled “Victor DeLorenzo”…where does he get this amazing inspiration…he will be getting a copy to me as soon as they are ready and we’ll once aGain get to be the first to taste what’ son the brand new musical menu…This conversation almost felt like a reunion show of its own..the lauGhs were sincere and the spirits were hiGh…man what great radio we made…Here’s the music selection I chose to go along with this edition:

Will Be- Mo Kolours
Conference- Mo Kolours

Enlightenment- Sun Ra (live)
Born & Shake- Clarence Peters
Dust to Dust- Ginger Baker

Big Boss Man- Last Exit
What’s what I do- Last Good Tooth

Frail Pagans Theme- Victor DeLorenzo
**Frail Pagans Live featuring Victor DeLorenzo & misterG**
Convertible Burt- Troy Roberts
Master Ghetto Rig- Troy Roberts
Dr. Stein- Troy Roberts

Capicua- Gabriel Alegria Afro Peruvia Sextet
El Fin de la Infancia- Cafe Tacuba (live KCRW Studio)
Milongon- Bajofondo
Lux- Paris Combo
Oye Rumberito- Puentes Brothers

Sky Scraper- Secretary Ft. Big Boss
Exhibit A- Burnt Sugar Arkestra Chamber


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