Color Me In Deep Spring

The final portion of the regularly scheduled proGram found the colors to be as bright as one can see..

Nick Of Time- The James Hunter Six
Till I Hear It From You- The James Hunter Six
Missing In Action- The James Hunter Six
Edge Of Fear- Speedometer
Kashmir- Speedometer

If It’s Tea Give Me Coffee- Tower Of Power
***pre-recorded conversation with Emilio Castillo of Tower Of Power***
If You Wanna Be A Winner- Tower Of Power
You Da One- Tower Of Power

We Got To Stand- The Burroughs
Mitchell’s Landing- Malcolm Strachan Ft. The Haggis Horns
N.B.T.- Black Market Brass
Squirtly- Beat Bronco Organ Trio Ft. Chip Wickham
Wolfdelic- Jason Miles Kind Of New

Operation 222- The Lounge Bar Orchestra

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