Blockhead:Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book

Being a key name on the independent hip hop scene, the downtown Manhattan beat maker known as Blockhead has had a big role in assisting some other MCs into “name-dom“, Aesop Rock, Cage, Slug, and Murs. He approached Ninja Tune with a heavy demo which turned into his debut album, “Music by Cavelight” which was followed up by “Downtown Science“, a second album on Ninja Tune. He is deep in the production scene and most notably the Aesop Rock album None Shall Pass on the Def Jux label. And to keep it all rolling, Blockhead has this fantastic soundwave force of a new album, Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book, a self-released project and oh my, there’s a tour. The album is an ocean carrying this soundwave into fun instrumentals with tough beats, like the waters crashing onto the rocky shore. There are catchy grooves that you don’t want to shake off of yourself…so don’t!


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