Bonerama at the Overture

At first glance, you’d be surprised enough to look away and then back again….Yep, it really is four trombones front-lining a NOLA Brass Jazz Funk Rock outfit. It indeed that is a Tuba back there blowing baselines, and eventually will have a solo…yeah, a Tuba solo…Well, really a sousaphone solo. With their funky “git-tar” riffs and a mighty drumming, Bonerama was in town last night in the beautiful Capitol Theater at the Overture Center of the Arts and really blew the roof off the joint playing many of their own tunes, a medley of Meter tunes (tasty) and even a version of Crosstown Traffic that ranks up there with one of the best live performances of a song in my book. There was an unbelievable energy on the stage as we got to see one of the co-founders of the band, Mr. Mark Mullins play his trombone through some interestingly odd and rock-n-roll cool effects, I am telling you there is more to this band that just the brass facts. The crowd at the Overture obviously appreciated the energy, enthusiasm and I would imagine that there would be an invitation to bring back the NOLA sounds and then some to Madison in the future. So if you can, Bonerama..please do Bonerama.


Check out my conversation with the other co-founder of the group, Mr. Craig Klein here.

1. intro/music
2. Epistrophy
3. Gekko Love
4. Lost My House (But I Got My Rugulator)
5. Crosstown Traffic
6. Mr. Go
7. Meters Medley
8. Equale
9. Hard Times
10. The Ocean
11. Big Fine Woman
12. Folly >
13. The Mouse

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