They couldn’t keep these tunes outta your earholes…it is in fact…where they’d belong:

Jamo’s Blues- Duane Andrews
Cumberland Blues- Hot Buttered Rum (live)
Saturday Night- Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
Reading Rainbow- Jimmy Fallon (as Jim Morrison & the Doors)
Word Up- Deni Bonet
Spanish Fly- A.K.A.C.O.D.
Memphis- Cassie Taylor
Thunder & Lightnin’- Mary Bridget Davies
Big Boss Man- the Bluesmasters Vol II Ft. Hazel Miller
Rat Trap- Scrapomatic
I Wonder- Sixto Rodriguez

Victory is Won- Santana
Oranges- That 1 Guy
BU2B2- Rush
Wish Them Well- Rush
Think About Me- the New Pornographers
That’s all for Everyone- Tame Impala
Dreams- the Kills
(you are)- the Best Kind of Poison- Hot Freak Nation

Funky was the State of Affairs- Fergus & Geronimo
Postman- Mama’s Cookin’
History Lesson- Living Color
New Jack Theme- Living Color
The Don’t Want- Electric Wire Hustle
Semi Interesting Week- Was (not Was)
What’d I Say- John Scofield Ft. Dr. John/Warren Haynes/Mavis Staples/John Mayer/Aaron Neville
Jabali- Catalyst
Soul Guitar- Gert Wilden & Orchestra
Stormy Weather- Brownout
I’m Gonna Miss You- the Volumes
Down to the Bone- Staten Island Groove
Guanavaco- Marius Cultier
Luga ma Lalo- Te Vaka
The Fantasist- Sunday Driver

Turkish Rondo from Piano Sonata K.33 in A Major- Uri Caine Ft. DJ Olive/Nguyen Le
Road Runner- the Sort of Quartet
Bangin’- Kenlou 6
Are you Using me?- Luther Vandross ( Master at Work Mix)
Runaway- Nuyorican Soul Ft. India (Masters at Work Remix)

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