Be The G You Can Be

The first portion of the proGram has reminders that we can’t always be a capital g.

Haul Off And Do It- Dale Watson
The Dumb Song- Dale Watson
Bed- Carsie Blanton
Blues In My Blood- Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson

Across The Universe- Jenna & the Charmers
Hold On- The Reverend Shawn Amos (Live Over Sunday Breakfast, Van Nuys, CA, 2016)
Chasing Summer- Katarina Pejak
Love Struck Baby- Ally Venable
Nowhere To Hide- Ally Venable
(all I’m Doin’ is) Thinking of You- Willie Buck

I Wanna Get with You-TR3 Ft. Tim Reynolds
Stretched My Neck- Money For Rope
O’ Chelles- Money For Rope
Hungover Hills- Bohannons
Zone of Resident Bodies- Black Bombain Ft. Perdo Augusto

Game Show- Cycles (live)
**Pre-recorded conversation with Michael Wood of Cycles**
The Aloe Parade- Cycles (live)

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