I want to give a special thank you to Steely for making sure I was able to bring you a couple of the members of the supergroup, Bandallamas before they play the Barrymore on 11-11-11. A big greenarrowradio thank you to both Wally Ingram and Victor DeLorenzo for talkin’ music, Wisconsin football and well, more music on the proGram today. It was truly a pleasure to have these two cool cats as part of the action. Here’s the shape it took:

Tavernitsa- Raya Brass Band
Hey Jamalo- Red Baraat (live)
Danny Baricuda- TriBeCaStan
Fuzzy Lentil- Marchfourth Marching Band
Janxta Funk- the Pimps of Joytime
Cholera- El Rego
Je Taime- Staff Benda Bilili

the Night- Orchestra Morphine (live)
Stand-Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra
Honky Tonk- Charles Earland
Opus de Funk- Horace Silver
Chocolate Chip- Miles Davis
Confused World- Paul White
Pinky’s Dream- David Lynch

Country Death Song- the Violent Femmes
Island Love Song- the Bees
La Bamba- Mono Blanco (live)
Se Termino el Carnaval- Guarco
Gimme Shelter- Playing for Change

Danced in the Moonlight- Bandallamas
Supermarket Blues- Eugene McDaniels
Silver Hall- No Surrender
Don’t Look Down- Bandallamas

***On air conversation with Wally Ingram***
Satisfaction- Bandallamas
Heavy Right Hand- Deep Street Soul

Waiting for the Bus- the Violent Femmes
***On air conversation with Victor DeLorenzo***
Sylvie- Bandallamas

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