baGGin’ Rocks

Took the time to listen to a bunch of music I have had in a box that I just duGG out…always is fun to revisit some things I thought I might like at different listen times…that turned out to be true. Also had a visit from our IT guy Matt and his kids who shared the airwaves with me for a little Q & A.

Kids make for such great radio if you get the right ones in front of the mic and Petra surely was the right one. Here’s the way the music rolled down the hill into your ears:

Stroll of the Mud Boy- Mike Marshall
Wave to the River- John Shannon & Wings of Sound
Who Knows what Tomorrow Will Bring- Antigone Rising
Smoke up my Booty- VooDoo Dolls
Hello, I love you- Oleander
When the Flesh Hits- GoGoGo Airheart
You’re too Weird- Fruit Bats
I Said so- Matthieu Santos

Blue Heart- Mosquitos
Tie me up, Untie Me- Me without You
Apology- The Spiny Anteaters
Easy Street- Head of Femur
Worthwhile Nihilist Dialogue Stylist-the Drug Budget
Practice in the Milky Way-Dave Cloud & the Gospel of Power

Code Windham- New Wet Kojak
Motherless Child- Jonathan Kane
Instant Dharma- the Out Crowd
Smooth Control- the Dambuilders
***Matt Rock and kids interlude***
Get Ready Now- Rinôçérôse
Tonite, the Bottle let me Down-Throw Rag FT Lemme
Love me Two Times- Aerosmith
Do the Claw- Dread Zeppelin
Highway to Hell- Duckmandu
Soldier of Love- Pearl Jam (live)
Hypersonic- Jane’s Addiction
Only Love, Let’s Celebrate-Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party
Moon Sammy- Soul Coughing
I’m Afraid of Americans- David Bowie
He’s Frank- the BPA ft Iggy Pop
Small Hours- Robert Smith

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