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Did a little extra day radio this week. Here’s the first portion. It kept things in front:

Duo in G Major K.423 3. Rondeau- Blaise Dejardin & Kee-Hyun Kim
Mantis Shrimp- Peter Lin
Pre~Maria- Mark Dressen Seven
Ain’t Nothing But a Cyber Coup & You- Mark Dresser Seven
21st Century Blues- Jeff Denson (live)

Nina- Ulysses Owens Jr.
Driva’ Man- Ulysses Owens Jr. Ft. RenĂ© Marie
Gone My Way- Wynton Marsalis
Bolden Jump- Wynton Marsalis
Whip It- Wynton Marsalis

If Only We Knew What We Could Do- The Last Poets
Fiddler- Avery Sharpe
Harlem And The War To End All Wars- Avery Sharpe

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