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Did another greenarrowradiOpen-schedule Sunday morning fill in, this one could be felt coming out-cha:

Clockwork Orange Title Music- Wendy Carlos
Minute- Rob Moose & Chris Thile
Kindred Spirit- Watts Gnu
Little Bobby- the Microscopic Septet (live)
Teen Town- Jaco Pastorius Big Band
Asprin- James Farm
Jelly Roll Blues- Louis Armstrong
B.B.’s Blues- Branford Marsalis Ft. B.B. King
Preachin’ Blues- Soldier String Quartet
Dirva/Man/Freedom- Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber
Amarillo, Barbados- Bill Frisell & Vernon Reid
Rebel Rouser- Bill Frisell
No Excuse- Albare
It’s a Man’s World- Jerry Granelli (live)
The Last Time- Charlie Hunter & Leon Parker
Afro Pearl Blues- Merl Saunders Ft. Jerry Garcia & Eddie Moore
Bliss- Emil Richards & the Microtonal Blues Band
Ronnie’s Bonnies- Dan Moretti & the Hammond Boys (live at Chans)
North London- MSMW
Constellation- HUW
A Fifth Of Beethoven- Henri Pierre Noel


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