And Bloom Boom

The final sets of this week’s proGram found it’s excitement and just let it burst:

MimbreƱos- Cochemea
Pire- Oceanvvs Orientalis & Ilhan Ersahin
Warm Nights- Lucas de Mulder & Eddie Roberts
Blue Wave- Curt Ramm

Is This Love, Is This Life?- Lili Haydn (Carmen Rizzo RMX)
The Bloom- Wesley Joseph
Ultramarine- Wesley Joseph

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied Interlude- Luke Carlos O’Reilly
Black Lives Matter- Luke Carlos O’Reilly
Stop n’ Frisk- Luke Carlos O’Reilly
Chythm Ranges- Troy Roberts & Tim Jago
VA Noir- Butcher Brown
Truck Fump- Butcher Brown

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