a Rock in the Road

During the journey there it was, a rock blocking the path… Instead of trying to go around it or move it, we are just gonna climb over and get a feel of it. Here is the first portion of today’s proGram:

Fuego Egipico- Del Castillo
Riding in my Car- Bruce Springsteen (live)
Does Music Change the World- Country Joe McDonald
Ramblin’ Round- the Indigo Girls w/Ani DiFranco
Close Encounter (of the 4/4 kind)- Jake Clayton’s Barnyard Stomp
Hucksters- Bruce Piephoff

Mary Ann’s Garage Sale- Elliott Murphy w/Olivier Durand
Someone Else’s Shoes- Tommy Talton
The Sky is Crying- Stevie Ray Vaughn w/Albert King/BB King/Paul Butterfield (live)
It’s Going Down- Guitar Mikey & the Real Thing
Wine & Women- Grady Champion
Jukin’ Down on Johnson Street- Albert Bashor

Ballad for Ding Bang- Stratospheerius
A Change of Horses- Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson

Street Walkin’- Dan Auerbach
Denny was a Friend of Mine- the Killers
Secret 77- Bad Brains (live)
the City- the Yellow Dogs
Bloodhounds on my Trail- the Black Angels
Hooked- Ladell Mclin
Long in the Truth- Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade
Buzzards of Green Hill- Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade
Insanity Rains- Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party
Party Started- the Cat Empire

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