Who Knew Charlie Shoe?

This is the title of the new release by guitarist Richard Leo Johnson and percussionist Gregg Bendian (known as the leader of The Mahavishnu Project and Interzone. Off the mind bending CUNEIFORM RECORDS label, these artists work with “junk” percussion, cheap guitars purchased off eBay, field recordings and simple tape effects to make a down home, psychedelic good time listen. Not only are the instruments odd and varied, but the genres are explored from jazz, blues, folk and a dab of classical at times are compellingly maneuvered within and around one another. You can here so many of Johnson’s influences in this release, from Ralph Towner, Burt Ives, Robert Fripp, Delta and Piedmont blues, American and Japanese folk and minimalism all get a chance to shine through the notes. This album is filled with eccentric tunings, awesome sound manipulations and the great presence of the guitar have you lifted out of your shoes and flexing your ears to get a complete listen, it is one to listen to over and over. This album could seriously have you pushing your favorite records aside and bring emotional connections to Jimi Hendrix and John McLaughlin back with a simple push on the play button.

A definite Must Have…IMHO

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