Undersea Poem

Have you ever felt like you were walking on the shore of a perfect place and had a loss of words to describe it? Have no fear because this duo has remembered them for you, “Undersea Poem” from Six Degrees is the project of Chris Root and Juju Stulbach. With each trip to their favorite spots on the Pacific coast of Mexico or to the beaches of Brazil, they’ve been inspired to document their adventures into dreamy, sexy and uniquely intimately individualized songs. . Undersea Poem is the band and the album that has been something I feel like I have been waiting for since the disbandment of Root & Stulbach’s much-loved trio, Mosquitos, and it showcases their most captivating songs yet. This is music that can be as close to you as anything has been and still leaves you searching for the end of the ocean, or is it the beginning.


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