This is a BASEBALL moment.

So, I have given up the television for a few month now and due to that I miss many sport highlights I enjoy so much. In the middle of all the negativity surrounding professional sports, I find this. A moment that should be considered “No Big Deal, but oh, in this day and age it IS. I have called the Phillies to express my sincere appreciation for their players, coaches and their attitude towards helping out a fellow working man. (in an opposing teams ballpark) With all the money in the pockets of many ballplayers these days, I am not so sure I would expect to see this. I would want those men on my side in any situation, and Major League Baseball, with all of its bumps and bruises as of late should pay respects to this effort of selflessness. From last years Home Run Champ to the teams starting pitcher and all Phillies in between, I applaud and most of all, I want others to take a moment to notice this act, not as a baseball highlight but for the split-second putting themselves in potential harms way to help someone else….SOMEONE ELSE…


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