Tab Benoit & Boukman Eksperyance

Day 2 of the Fete and let me tell you that this night brought what would end up being the musical highlight for me. Boukman Eksperyans, 10-members strong from Port-au-Prince in Haiti. Lolo and crew woke up the zombies and called on them to dance. The sounds and sights of their set resonate still in my spirit. The voodoo laced afro reggae beat groove really took on an identity in what was a beautiful evening, blending the where we were in with the places and experiences being shared on stage made for a time of uniqueness and oneness that is only obtained with a group like Boukman Eksperyans and a community musical festival like that which takes place here each year on Madison’s wonderful east side. I hung out with Lolo for a little bit after the show and will be sure to bring the new album to ears, and perhaps an interview with the man himself down the road.
**Photo Credits to Michael Sullivan**


After that, was Tab Benoit and his Band. They certainly did rock the festival with their “swamp pop” and Louisiana-inspired originals. Tab and band inspired and performed in the documentary film, Voice of the Wetlands. That was screened in the large “Bistro” tent between and after bands on this night. His set was awesome and is always well received here in Madison, and Wisconsin as a whole.



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