SUM thank you(s)

I want to thank the artists that took the time to be on air guests in 2010. I appreciate their art and time and am glad they are friends of greenarrowradio. Here’s a list:

Jacques Schwarz Bart/J.T. Lewis/Josh Charles/Seth Walker/Carmen Rizzo/Peter Seymour/Melissa O’Malley/Taj Weekes/Charlie Wooton/Tommy Benedetti/Anoushka Shankar/Bill “Smitty” Smith/pat mAcdonald & melaniejane/ Terry Reeves/Jared Tanner/D.H. Skogen/Geri X/Kim Manning/Ray Maher/Jamie McLean/Tallan Latz/Adrian Quesada/Marcus Henderson/DJ Rekha/Donnie Sundal/Miss Meghan Owens/Pauli Ryan/Chris Aaron/Kim Stone/Michael Reese/Catherine Russell/Phanie Diaz/Manny Sanchez/Yonrico Scott/Sam Robinson/Giles Corey/Henry Butler/Lex Sadler/Ottmar Liebert/Tim Cook/David Levy/James McMurtry/Nicole Barille/Jeff Moiser/Roger McNamee/Mauro Refosco/Eric Krasno/J.C. Brooks/Todd Clouser

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