Sonny Knight Celebration of Life Planned for 6/27

Sonny Knight Celebration of Life Planned for Tuesday 6/27.

Anyone feeling compelled to honor our dear friend, Sonny Knight, is welcome to attend the celebration of his life scheduled for Tuesday. Details below.
Sonny Knight Celebration of Life
Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Visitation: 1pm
Service: 2pm
Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church
511 Groveland Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Over these past few years of getting to know Sonny through phone conversations and backstage hangs was always enlightening, stories told and new memories shared were always started and ended with a smile. The humble and true gentle soul of Sonny always left me feeling warm and the appreciation of our shared time always went both ways. We spoke of the wild life journey to get his names in lights, the feeling he had about giving us everything he had and how it was all of us: the listeners, the attendees and the friends, that sparked and energized his giant soul.
Sonny and the Lakers thankfully came to Madison a bunch and based on the crowd support at the shows, Madison loved the show, the songs and the man. He had a way of fitting right into the scene here and when he sweat for us, we shared in the heat of the event completely.

Since the band’s 2013 introduction to the Minnesota scene, and soon after the world at large, Sonny gave his best to his band members and to the music-loving crowds who attended their shows across the globe. After a short stint in the mid-‘60s recording singles as Little Sonny Knight and then as a member of funk group Haze in the ‘70s, Sonny traded in his microphone for a stick shift and a breeze as a full-time truck driver who traveled the United States. Much of this was after an honorable few years in the US Army serving the country he loved.
Educated by those experiences, he entered back into the music business in 2014 as a solo artist with a renewed vigor in the studio and on stage. From heartfelt ballads to upbeat dance numbers, Sonny captivated audiences the world over with his backing band, The Lakers.

Sonny leaves a legacy of entertainment and a joy for life that won’t soon be forgotten by his family, friends, band, and fans. Upon the release of I’m Still Here, his debut album with the Lakers, Sonny opined, “Sometimes I wonder, why me? Why are all these great things happening now? All I can say is thanks. These are dreams that I had forgotten. Only now that they are starting to come true do I remember that I had them at all.”

Thank you, Sonny.

Peacefully Be, Sonny.

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