Secretary – Secret Life of Secretary

This is the solo project by Moist Paula Henderson, frontwoman and baritone sax player from New York’s all-instrumental trio Moisturizer. On the album, she plays all the instruments…she is the sound. Secret Life Of Secretary is improvisation, vocal layering, Garage Band loop manipulation, and total avant-electro. It is easy to relate to if you have a pulse that beats to a different drummer, or in this case a Baritone Sax. This album not only takes sounds and makes them fit into empty spots on a puzzle left behind when others could finds the pieces, but it provides the listeners with a collision of olfactory stimulations and a smash of unseen colors that I believe she created alone in her room with a “typing” effect that is true to herself. On this album, I feel that Paula has explored herself and found that not only can she play a saxophone that can knock your socks off and leave marks that you brag about to your friends, but also she is an exceptional writer that keeps perspective in her life. I had the chance to meet Paula when Burnt Sugar was in my neighborhood and we got to hang out a bit, and let me tell you this….the person is as keen as the sound is remarkable. Her aura swept me off my feet and her playing keeps me dancing with open thoughts about where music, THIS music, can take me.

You’d do yourself right by getting a copy of this album. It is available NOW via mail order and at cdbaby, itunes and all the regular outlets of your choosing.


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