RJD2 Tears it up

When I got there Break Science was just in the swing of that dub-steppin’ live mix drum sampling sweetness that was a sure fit opening up for the explosion that RJD2 had in store for the huge crowd inside the Majestic Theater. They got real nasty with the last jam, looping the soulful from the beat and keeping it sustained until it was in time with the crowd heart beat. This crowd had an identity of its own by the time RJD2 hit the stage with his massive turntable/production/mixing center. The visual stimulation is not a strong as those soaked in with the ears, but my eyes were left in a thankful state. Taking what he feels inside and what our togetherness brought to him, RJD2 ripped some serious funked up grooves without the need for headphones, with the feel of a fighter pilot he took us to a sound battle and we cam back a scene on a billboard. A moment in RJD2’s time is a place to be. He balanced time between mixing/singing some and strumming a guitar with the band….which added that rock-step to the live exploration going on, that bomb dropping with rhythm, a sonic scene with ears of its own that had a perfect musical guide. When a show makes me feel like I couldn’t get it back if I missed it, I am left remembering why it is we love the thing(s) music can do.


Break Science

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