David Grisman Quintet at the CALVIN

On the 16th of November, The DGQ brought the dawg but someone left the leash at home. The show started off with a first set that showed off each gentleman of music’s broad range of expertise. We heard latin flare from Enrique Coria on guitar, as he awaits that movement from his band leader for a moment of change. The outstanding Jim Kerwin on bass, (who does a pretty mean James Brown impersonation) shared an irish tune for his grandma with us that left the smell of the rolling hills of the Celtic homeland rising from the theatre floors. In words I am not so sure how to describe Matt Eakle, who played flute and random objects. Where I feel that Kerwin is the heartbeat to the group, Eakle must be the oxygen rich blood. He has more groove in his step and sound than can ever be measured or captured. He is as great as he is undefinable. George March on percussion balanced out the spirit and soul of this body of music. Oh, yes that Dawg. Well, the new Italian mandolin was the guide into a show that seemed like it had never been before. Mr. Grisman’s well timed subtle changes kept not only his band, but the audience on the edge of their seats. The strings tried to tame this bluegrass jazz, boarder jumping, mind expanding soundscape, but alas as I said, the leash was left elsewhere. We explored a lengthy journey taken on by the DGQ, and by nights end we learned about some of the new work the group has been working on, and even had a few verses of a familiar and old friend “Shady Grove

I want to thank C.M. and David for what they do as well as the Calvin for making sure it is here.

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