Putumayo Presents: WORLD HITS

Looking for the path to figuring out if you… yes you indeed enjoy world music. Here it is!!! Putumayo brings us WORLD HITS, a ear-opening experience that reminds us that some songs just hit it off for people everywhere. From the opening track of Peter Tosh with Mick Jagger doing the Temptation’s “Don’t Look Back from 1978, such the appropriate way to start this album, you’ll be looking forward to what’s next… ALWAYS a thrill. “Oye Como Va”, as made infamous by the classic Latin-rock group Santana off their 1970 release Abraxas, will be sure to set off some momentary senses of deja vu in many a listeners mind. Follow that in the middle of this trip with the cult classic The Harder They Come, by Jimmy Cliff, still thought of as a legend in Jamaican music. A personal favorite of mine, yes I must indulge for a moment..Cameroon‘s Manu Dibango reminds us why he has been a figurehead in African music for over 50 years. Such a innovative visionary from dancable Congolese rumba to the ever-exploratory avant garde jazz, this is one saxophonist I know that when I hear Soul Makossa, I am not only going to shake myself form the ground up, but my mind will venture into uncharted spaces as well.

Set to be released in the U.S and Canada August 28th, be sure to get your copy.

Thanks to Kaveh, as always.

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