Pokey LaFarge & South City Three

The Stoughton Opera House was a perfect spot to not just catch this show, but to be a part of it. Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three put on one hell of a rockabilly-jazz-jam with a side of Midwestern Blueswing that had the crowd hooked even before the first note was played. Pokey and the boys obviously had a great time playing and being in Milwaukee the night before so they guys were on a roll. These guys have a rolling commentary reminiscent the good ole days, with call backs from within the group to audience participation and all of this made the show get under your seat and light a fire. Even if you tried you miGht not be able to have a bad time. The sounds were ever more the hiGhlight. It is always a thrill to get samplings of the new material, and the boys brought some of those tunes to the front, while getting the point across with tunes like “Drinkin’ Whiskey Tonight”. This type of scene is more than a show, it is an event. One to look forward to as you mark it on your calendar’s the next chance you get. Certainly an event that was unique to that night, with no thought of doing the same ole thing on stage, we were laughing, stomping and clapping along. With the new album set to drop in the early spring, it was nice to hear those new tracks done, and done good. When Pokey and I chatted on air, he recalled how making the old sound new is really up to the listener, and I must say, the diversity sitting in the crowd proved one thing, dated or new, old or young….it sounded right on this night or any other.

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