Old Crow Medicine Show

The Barrymore Theatre has been my one time a week stop, this time for more twang and stringed instrumentation. Old Crow Medicine Show gave the sold out crowd a “humdinger” of two sets. Raucous Bluegrass and country rock, jams into fiddle psychedelia lead the evening into a that feeling I had when first drinking beers in the back woods where only the four-wheel drive equipped vehicles could get you in and out. The music of this night gave me a sense of my youth as it is still being tamed by my adult (some would say) life. I have been spinning these guys on my show since I began some 6 years ago and would easily bump several acts in the similar vein to the side over if they were around playing. The gig is more than a gig, it is a hoe-down party built for overalls and smiles, flannel shirts and tie dyed skirts……It was nice to hear the variety in their on stage “twangings” and the variety in the crowd.


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