Music for the Misfit Toys

If there is a place called “Right up my Alley”, well last night at the Barrymore I think I took a walk down it. That 1 Guy opened up for Buckethead and how proud the misfit toys must have been for their own. The sounds from both artists were as innovative as the night is arousing and I found myself being in great anticipation for the forthcoming collaboration right in front of my eyes…but first, That 1 Guy peppered the audience with rhythms and grooves on his magic pipe, an instrument or source of sound imagination created by the man himself….(you can learn a little more about it in our conversation). Ahhh, he also played on a Magic Boot, and featured “Somewhere over the Rainbow” on the Magic Saw..YUP..who SAW that coming? The new track, Buttmachine is one to watch out for as it’ll have you cheek to cheek—just cuz its cracked don’t mean that it’s broke you know! Representing the robotic misfit toys was guitar wizard Buckethead. While masked and dawning that inverted bucket upon his noggin, this man shredded up the room with electric rips that at times stung my skin while mixing in precise melodic mysteries like Alfred Hitchcock was operating the remote for a bit. And when these two forces finally got together to close out the was misfit magic, truly raw and radical, this was one epic clash of sound, almost didn’t feel man made. This was a show that is not easily written about to share with others as a point of view, it is one that should be see with your own two ears and drank up by those thirsty ear-holes. This was certainly a show for me, a misfit too.


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