Luminescent Orchestrii/Fishtank Ensemble

For me, I feel like the Luminescent Orchestrii are old friends. I have been spinning their music on my show since way back in my WHUS days after we reached out to each other on one of the social networking sites. I finally got to experience them live and it was all that I hoped for. Witty ways on stage coupled with well crafted songs of a gypsy decent……makes for such an entertaining start to the evening. Luckily we here in Madison have a way of dancing our way through it all…and this was certainly the case at the High Noon Saloon. The rawness of the songs feel good on your skin and with an edge of sass, the music makes its way to your spine…and from there it’s up to you what the rest of you does.



On this night, the pairing of bands was stellar. Fishtank Ensemble took over the stage shortly after and wowed the crowd with bass stands, opera singing saw-stress and a violin that was hauntingly mesmerizing. The sounds were often as wild as the night is dark but on occasion I felt the “where it’s at” of the tune….and that moment is always something else. The dancing continued and the music from start to finish on this night was like the mighty rivers—fluid and strong.



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