Little Feat Run To Madison

Little Feat is one of those bands that can and still does successfully weave many types of genres together into a fusion of an almost collectively unique sound, that seems to have been magnetized to the ears of many. They combined earthy, organic material with individualize talents [having the right pieces in place seems to really work] into a community that leaps over boundaries. Little Feat took California rock, head-boppin’ funk, stretched out jazz, old pick-up truck country/rockabilly, & a New Orleans swamp boogie that has that certain somethin’ somethin’ and stirred it into this rich and chunky gumbo, and continue to bring the life to the party. This is music that I love made by people that seem as real as the day is long, and it shows in how people react to the rhythm of the heartbeat within these tunes, like the pulse is shared by each and everyone one of us. The members of Little Feat 2022 are friends of the proGram, Bill Payne, Keyboards and Vocals; and Scott Sharrard, Guitars and Vocals and Tony Leone, drums; Sam Clayton, Percussion and Vocals; Fred Tackett, Guitars and Vocals, Kenny Gradney, Bass.

I had the chance to catch up with brother to the proGram, Scott Sharrard ahead of the October 4th event at The Barrymore here in Madison. Scott and I get into this special show as part of the 45th Anniversary of ‘Waiting For Colombus’, one of the bands – correction – one of the best live albums ever made. Scott shared a couple of the tunes from this tour that really tug at the nostalgia strings and one that gives him a moment of pause to think of Brother Gregg. If somehow you are of a certain age where maybe this music has escaped you, this is a great time to get yourself familiar with the sounds, the scene and the reasons why for so many people, this is a chapter of their lives bookmarked with album titles and dancing bodies.

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