LA Theatre Works Double Bill


IN a time where everyday is almost unbelievable, it is nice to get out for a night and escape back in time and be a part of theater and radio, to remember just how far we have come. Or have we. I almost prefer the watching of radio to the radio itself. There is a thrill is watching the actors MAKING radio. Tonight at the Overture Center, L.A. Theatre Works did just that. They recreated and redefined radio theater with their performances of War of the Worlds and The Lost World. From thrill and chills to a few gut-wrenching laughers, this double billing brought it all to the audience–the remember when factor of being tricked into believing in a Marian invasion to the adventurous discovery into a world thought only was alive in children’s book, where dinosaurs lead the charge. The acting and scripting was enormously thrilling, especially noticing how many things each person on stage took control over, whether it sound effects or personality changes…each nuance was believable.

For more about this show and L.A. Theatre Works, click here for my conversation with Susan Loewenberg, founder and producing director of the group

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