In the Church Basement

On Tuesday night, Church Basement Ladies opened in the beautiful Capitol Theater and let me tell you, it was laugh after laugh. The four women who take on the “life” of the basement are as warm and fun as a good Lutheran side dish. Bill Christoper (Father Mulchay on M*A*S*H*) is the charming Pastor Gunderson, who keeps everything rolling with candor and an ease of adding a little fuel for the all ready over cooking kitchen chatter. The combination on stage is like a bouncing ball of eye rolling, knee slapping true Mid-western slapstick musical humor. The soundtrack is filled with down to earth and easy to relate to tunes for people of all creeds. So fear not, those who believe they don’t know these ladies under the “House of God”, they are a lot more realistic than you might imagine. This is most certainly true!

Hear my conversation with Bill Christopher here.

At the Overture until Sunday August 31st.

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