“G”roovin’ w/the New Mastersounds

Had the chance to do a live on air phone interview with Eddie Roberts, guitarist and producer of the soulful entity known as the New Mastersounds. Hailing from Leeds, UK these guys know how to funk the lights out of it from top to bottom and start to finish. This one was special to me as I just absolutely dig the sound they produce, a Meters twist with a splash of dirty moss covered rock and groove~(from bone crushing drum beats to mind melting organ fingertromping bass defying bass flaps and the righteous-NESS of funky git-tar riffs). With a new album out and a Mid-west tour to support it, one of my favorite bands (been spinning them since I first started radio) made their way to a city that appreciates solid soul-felt funk. During the conversation, I asked Eddie to play a track for the ladies , The Minx and not only did the band rip it out and twist it up with a funky-ass know, the MisterG introduction was one for the books. Thanks Eddie. Matter of fact…here is the evenings set list:
Pinky & Perky
Six Under
In the Middle
All I Want
33 (Pete Start)
Colorado Sun
San Frantico
Bus Stop
One Note
Encore:IDRIS/BB/Can’t Hold Me

Opening the night was Moon Taxi, a jammin’ rock outfit from Nashville, Tennessee with some funky riffs that warmed it up just right.

the New Mastersounds

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