Dan Zanes’ House Party

A quick “G”-view of a book for all. My friends Dan and Claudia sent it my way to check out and I couldn’t help but want to add a few thouGhts.

Dan Zanes’ House Party (A Family Roots Music Treasury).
Publisher: Young Voyageur (December 11, 2018)

“No matter the generational gaps, learning styles & abilities or cultural differences between the people who share in this collection of sung tales, the ability to distinguish who is leading the conversation and teaching or learning while in mid-share can be wonderfully unknown. The connections in this songbook collection can be shared by anyone and everyone. It is another bridge to the then and now and the what’s next that we all have a map for. Each of us holds a different shaped key that opens part of this treasure. The treasures range from the colorfully simple illustrations (masterfully accomplished by Donald Saff) that depict portions of the tale and provide some insightful opportunities for answers as well as more questions.

The map within each song provides some of the why of where the stories came from, and the who(s) that have been behind the creation of and/or the pushing forward of the tales. There are steps to take to get to that “X” marks the spot location by pointing us to places to find out more, museums, books, which albums have renditions of the songs – since we all learn our best in different ways, the maps may take different routes and the treasure for each of us may look different at first, it’s those differences that are celebrated within these pages – and encouraged. Find your way, whatever that is!

Don’t forget for those kids of all ages within and around all of us – those who either know how or have the desire to learn, there are notes and chords for singing and playing each tune. (Music notation and all around inspiration by Claudia Eliaza)….Amazing! How these songs and stories opened and shaped the heart and mind of Dan Zanes and his family is just one window into what this music can be all about. You and your family, students, friends…..people you just met get to crack open your own windows in as soon as your open up the first page of House Party.”

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