Dale Watson in Middleton WI

Before I started my Waterfront Festival adventures, I made the short trip to Middleton to the Club Tavern to see the one and only Mr. Dale Watson. Dale seemed to know just about everyone in town never mind the folks at the show…it was quite warming to see a gentleman of country music being more than that….and then the Honky Tonk began. As we spoke of in our recent on air conversation, true country and western songs were treated kindly and requests were easily achieved…Dale’s good that way for sure. I sure enjoy honky tonk and hard edged country music for before my time really, and this music on this day and any other day finding this band on stage sure did hit the spot. I appreciate the energy put into working to assist the independant truckers develop some kind of health care that doesn’t sink them, if they can get any at all…Oh there is a lot to like about Dale Watson and I hope I point you in the right direction with my honesty. His new album the Truckin’ Session Volume 2, as I mentioned a few posts back is exciting, rebellious and just in its causes…I am proud to have it in my music collection and the ability to share it with others is appreciated. (Thanks Dale/Kevin/Hawk/Moose)


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