Chicago Afrobeat Project

Terrace soul took form under a beautiful evening sky with sailboats in the near distance and smiley firework displays overhead….The music was rich in nature and presented to us by the Chicago Afrobeat Project, who tears up the stage breathing the intensity of Chicago’s rich music scene into the infectious sounds of afrobeat. Afrobeat’s range of influences — funk, rock, jazz, afro-cuban, high life and juju music – settle into a hypnotic, dance-compelling pulse at the core of CAbP. The group layers a fiery originality around this core through high-energy rock and experimental jazz. Their live act is all together rockin’ and danceable, communicating the opportunity to share experience thru body movements and positive vibrations…The individual players, coming from diverse backgrounds, each hold their own as soloists that ultimately characterize the live shows. Melodic and hard-hitting horn lines create a lyrical flow to the music, delivered by a cutting, driven rhythm section dynamic. Complex call-and-response percussion songs are dispersed throughout the nights gig….making the music as beautiful as the surroundings…..


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